List of Sites I've worked on and a brief explanation of the work I've done from most recent to oldest.
  • Wordpress Site install and configuration.

Wordpress site with customized Events Calendar. Customized business directory for featured listings and banner ad listings.
  • Wordpress Site install and configuration.

Installed and configured wordpress and custom slideshow on home page that works with NextGen Gallery plugin. Installed configured mailing list software and events calendar.
  • Wordpress Site install and configuration.

  • E-commerce extension of calculator script (see below).
  • Mysql DB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP shopping cart checkout system.

Customers can use the banner calculator to configure a cost then select the order button to continue to view shopping cart page. The view cart page figures out shipping, and adds VAT automatically.
  • E-commerce shopping cart.
  • Mysql DB, JavaScript, Ajax, Prototype, HTML, CSS, PHP shopping cart checkout system.

Customization of an already existing shopping cart that was initially programmed for their sister site I used this cart and customized it for use with their new website, layout was designed by
  • Custom Shopping Cart CMS
  • Photo Gallery
  • SEO Optimization
  • Google Mini powered search.
  • Backend administration - order entry, customer management, artwork management.
Summary: Custom Developed E-Commerce shopping cart system, website, backend employee order entry system using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, powered by a MySQL database. Custom form to email contact script using php/ajax, photo gallery, & keyword tag cloud software.

Customers can shop for signs on the website, upload artwork, add/edit items to their shopping cart, securely checkout, printable receipt, copy receipt emailed using SMTP server. Administrators can login to a web administration in order to edit web content, meta tags for SEO purposes, product pricing, & images updated in real time, review and print orders, manage file uploaded customer artwork.
  • Custom Dyanmic Meta Tags for search engine optimization.
  • Programmed to look for meta tags first, if none found builds dynamic meta data based on content of webpage.
Summary: Built custom dynamic meta tag system for clients website so they have full control over the meta title, description, and keywords of each page on the website.
  • Minor Joomla Template modification for client.
  • Pricing Table Design Sample Script Here
  • Custom Programmed PHP Banner Calculator script.
Summary: Built some pricing tables for client based on some tables he found on the web. Some minor modifications to the template at site). Programmed Calculator based on excel document formulas. Length x width * quantity, then determine the total cost, cost each, per square metre/footage cost. User has full control over the look/feel of the script with a CSS file, and template system.

User has full control of variable pricing, and values in both square feet, and/or metres.
Demo Here
  • Wordpress Layout, and design installation CSS/HTML customization.
  • Dynamic Banner plugin and customization.
Summary: Client Provided screenshot of new design. Client had most of the design in place I had to tweak the layout and configure the banners on the right side of the website. I also had to install and configure the look/feel of the dynamic banners at the bottom of the site. Edited the Wordpress plugin to only show banners if they existed. The way the plugin was written you had to supply 5 images or it would loud blank/broken images.
  • Installed Live Chat for client.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Dynamic Variable Pricing
  • Recently Added Sites script (home page)
Summary: Debugged/Installed live chat software and google analytics. Created dynamic variable pricing so client can change prices in one place rather then static HTML pages. "Recently Added Safe Sites" on home page. Script loads the top 5 most recent websites who signed up and were approved by administrator. Fixed bugs in the checkout and registration process of the website.
  • Orders Export CSV script
  • Banner ad system for blog section.
  • Created Clearance Items Mod
  • Programmed Disclaimer Checkbox
  • New design, and implementation
  • Installed Google Analytics
  • Debug add to cart error
Summary: Programmed/added checkbox disclaimer function to website. When user orders certain product types a checkbox disclaimer will display.
Programmed clearance items section to enable client the ability to add clearance items. Redesigned old site based on screenshot of new layout. Programmed dynamic header links at top of site to change banner at top and links on mouse click.
Debugged and fixed shopping add to cart error. Items sometimes didn't display in cart after adding.
Fixed shipping error in cart.
  • Install/Configure Live Chat software
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Translate code
  • Created dynamic meta titles.
Summary: The site was originally written in PHP with dynamic headers. Original programmer had only one Meta Title which was the default title across the website. Modified script to allow client to do custom meta title on every page of site.
  • Modified Dynamic Expanding Javascript Menu
Summary: Modified existing freeware JavaScript to allow client to add multiple menus on webpages Sample Script here. The freeware script only allowed for one per page.
  • Updated Content, css, for client.