About Jason Russo TheScriptCenterMy name is Jason Russo and I created this website to share my knowledge of web development to the world. I've been working online since 1997, have a 2 year degree in Information Technology and taught myself the rest through the years. 

Website Scripts

I have loads scripts I've written through the years that are just laying around. I decided why not put them on this website and let people use them, get ideas from them or whatever they choose to do with them? I really want to give back to the community, and teach those who want to learn the art of programming and web development. 


E-Commerce Skills

Formally of E-Commerce website and have been doing so since I've been out of College. The cart was designed from sctratch and has evolved to one of the most successful real estate sign websites in the U.S. It is with great pride that I can say that, There is no other shopping cart script like this one in the world today. It is truly one of kind! 

Web Hosting

I run a small web hosting company This makes managing much easier, less load on the server, since we don't have thousands of domains hosted, and more secure because we don't have thousands of domains hosted. I wont host your site unless I know first hand what type of website, domain name you'll have, and what your plans are for your new website.