Welcome to the! My name is Jason Russo. I'm a web developer with over 12 years experience. 2 year degree in IT, I've written many custom scripts, and applications for the web over the years. I run a small web hosting company, and I manage and maintain a small list of clients. I created this site with the initial idea of it being my online portfolio. I tend to get busy with my clients websites, and don't update this site as often as I'd like and I hope to change that. 

In the short term I hope you find use with the small amount of articles, free scripts, & code snippets here to help you with your website. In the future I'll more than likely open this site up for other programmers, designers, to also contribute so be sure to bookmark us! :)

Although I work on and with a lot of the popular CMS's like Wordpress (my personal fav!) and Joomla, the current site you are viewing is a custom built CMS using PHP, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript using MySQL database.