Live Clock

Javascript Customizable Live Clock Script!

Description: With this javascript you can show the time where ever the code is inserted into your webpage. I originally programmed this as a text only live clock. On August 4th 2008, I added the ability use images as well. Since I'm not an artist, I made simple graphics for this demo which you can download here.
Features: Using CSS you can control font type, color, size, bold, italics, status bar window on/off, Background Color of the text. And even a background image. Works with IE, and Mozilla Firefox.

Last Update: Monday, August 25th 2008. If you downloaded the script before this date 10,11, 12, am/pm didn't work, plus the html showed in the status bar if you were using images. Opppppss!! Sorry bout that! Works now!

Instructions: Instructions: download here then copy / Paste the code below where you want the clock to display.