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Here's a simple little script that allows you to take the contents of a

tag on your web page, hide the contents, then show them when a user clicks the hyperlink. I use this frequently on my websites. In this script, I included an open and closed arrow with this example as well. 


show hide my div tag SHOW/HIDE MY HIDDEN DIV TAG



<a href="javascript:jchange('jdiv');">Your Text Here</a>
<div id="jdiv" style="display:none;">
JavaScript Hidden Div tags can be used for a variety of different things. Perhaps a more information link, or anything you can think of. Click the above link again to hide this paragraph. Or <a href="javascript:jchange('jdiv');">Close (X)</a>.
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function jchange(o) {
var fold_image = new Array();
fold_image[0] = "/images/openarrow.gif";
fold_image[1] = "/images/closedarrow.gif";
if(document.getElementById(o).style.display=='none') {
if(document.getElementById('nfolding')) {
} else {
if(document.getElementById('nfolding')) {
} </script>